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Thomas Indian School Reunion (2004) - a film by Terry Jones


Seneca Nation Territory / 2014 & 2018 / Short Doc / English / Digital / 4X3 / Stereo / 30 Minutes


SUMMARY: "From 1855 to 1957, the Thomas Indian School (formerly known as Thomas Asylum for Orphan and Destitute Indian Children) operated on the Seneca Territory in New York State. Each year, former students gather and share their experience about the boarding school. These former students share their unique perspective of life as they fought to retain their native identity."


In 2004, the director filmed the reunion of former students at the Thomas Indian School in western New York. Personal testimonials include community members Rhoda Leaffe, Alice Gonzalez and Joanne Kabance. The 2018 version of the film includes additional testimonials and footage not included in the original film. The running time of newly extended and re-edited version of the film went from 14 minutes to 30 minutes.

Thomas Indian School Reunion (2004)

  • This EDUCATIONAL / INSTITUTIONAL dvd includes:

    • CLASSROOM RIGHTS allow unlimited use in face-to-face classroom situations for the life of the media, restricted to a single campus or location.
    • DIGITAL SITE LICENSES (DSL) allow colleges, universities and nonprofits to locally host and stream to their community on a closed, password-protected system for the life of the digital file. 
    • PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS (PPR) allow educational and nonprofit groups to exhibit our films to groups of 100 or fewer individuals where admission is not charged.
    • Once payment is received, a downloadable digital link of the dvd's contents will be emailed to the customer.
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