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What in the Heck is Corn Soup - a short documentary film by Terry Jones


United States / 2001 / Short Documentary / English / Digital / 4X3 / Stereo / 16 Minutes


SUMMARY: "What in the Heck is Corn Soup?" is a short film documenting the preparation of the traditional Iroquois (Seneca) corn soup. Ingredients include dried Iroquois white corn, wood ash, kidney beans and salt pork. It's an arduous task to prepare this Seneca delicacy because it can take up to 12 hours to prepare. There's a reason why this soup's ingredients and preparation have remained unchanged for the last 200 years.


A closed-captioned version of this film is included on this DVD.



ASHES TO ASHES” is a short film featuring Jimmy (from “Soup For My Brother”) as he uses his brother Danny’s firewood to roast traditional Iroquois white corn. This previously unreleased film influenced the filmmaker to re-shoot this documentary to focus the story away from the process of roasting the corn and instead concentrate on the relationship between the two brothers. The resulting  re-shoot became what is now known as “Soup For My Brother.”  


Seneca Territory / 2014 / Documentary / English / digital / 16:9 / 9:38 minutes



What in the Heck is Corn Soup?

  • This HOME / PERSONAL dvd includes:

    • Home and personal use ONLY.
    • No public screenings without written consent of the filmmaker.
    • Information about educational & institutional copies may be purchased at
    • Proceeds of this dvd help the filmmaker invest in new film projects. Nyah:wëh for supporting independent Indigenous filmmaking!
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