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VIDEO: Scarlett

a film by Terry Jones, Govind Deecee & Erin Perkins - 2014 - 6:31 minutes

This experimental short film about a scientist who misses his dearly departed wife, Scarlett. Long after her memory, letters and perfume fades, Darwin attempts to reconnect with his wife by recreating her favorite color.

This version of Scarlett became an inspiration for an updated Scarlett. While studying 35mm film in 2015 at FAMU in the Czech Republic, Terry, Govind and Akshay Raheja produced a 5 minute version of the Scarlett using real actors. More information about the updated Scarlett can be seen here:

"Scarlett" screened at the 2015 Student Experimental Film Festival (SEFF) at Binghamton University. The film festival features experimental films made by students from around the country. The film festival is run by Binghamton University students enrolled in Curating Film and Video, an undergraduate course offered by the cinema department.

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