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On the Web: Video - Native Voice TV

In 2006, I was interview by Cihuapilli Rose Amador and the late Sundust Martinez for Native Voice TV in San Jose, CA. BACKGROUND: In mid-2006, I was competing a year-long scriptwriting mentorship program through the ABC/Disney Talent Development. After I completed my mentorship at the ABC/Disney offices, I ventured to San Jose to meet with Cihuapilli and Sundust. In the video, they do refer to me as the "Tulsa, Oklahoma guy" even though I am not from Oklahoma. I met Cihuapilli and Sundust at a conference in Tulsa a few months before. During the second part of the show, they do refer to Frybread: A Traumedy,"a short film I produced, edited and starred in. That short film can be seen here.

YouTube Summary: "Cihuapilli Rose Amador and Sundust Martinez interviews Terry Jones (Seneca) on Native Voice TV. Jones gives his biography as to how he became a independent film maker and screenwriter. He always wanted to be a film maker but was advise to get his business degree which he did. Jones went to New York to get away from the Stereotyping that went on in his reservation. This interview has Jone's short film called 'Fry Bread' and he mentions of his documentary film call 'Casino Nation' (The effects of Casino to their tribe)."

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