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VIDEO: Two Indians in...

While studying for a semester in Los Angeles in 2015, I interned at a studio71 in Beverly Hills, CA. "Studio71 is THE global media company for creators. We are the fastest growing digital network, with 7-billion monthly views and the most engaged audiences anywhere. Our very select family of talent allows us to develop deep relationships with a rare focus, redefining what is possible for brand partners and creators alike."

In order to understand how a YouTube channel works, we were required to create our own YouTube Channel. At the time, I was in the midst of planning my senior thesis documentary about my film collaborator, Govind, and I visiting each others' homelands (India and a American Indian reservation). Our premise of the YouTube channel was to (hopefully) get our viewers to ask us questions about all things "Indian." This following video is the trailer to introduce our concept to viewers you visited our (now defunct) YouTube channel.

Below is the one and only episode of "Two Indians in..." where we attend the premiere of our short film "Give and Take." We share what it's like to walk a red carpet at a film festival as well as a pleasant surprise at the end of the video.

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